Made in Abyss 3D Action RPG Launches in English This Fall – News

chunsoft skewer began airing an announcement video on Monday for made in abyss: binary star falling in the dark (made in abyss: Yami or Mezashita Rensei), his new 3D action RPG for the made in abyss franchise. The game will be released for game station 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in fall 2022.

The game will feature an original story supervised by Akihito Tsukushi and will be available in both English and Japanese (with fully voiced event scenes). Numskull Games is publishing the physical version in Europe.

chunsoft skewer describes the story:

The story begins with Riko and Reg meeting in the first episode of the first season. This marks the beginning of their great adventure, and together they travel to the Seeker Camp in the second layer of the Abyss. Experience the awesome power of the Curse of the Abyss, as well as the awesome legendary entities known as Primal Creatures. Prepare to glimpse the world of Riko and her friends.

The game will also feature a “story mode” that follows the plot of the anime adaptation of Akihito Tsukushiit’s manga. The physical version of the game will also be available in a collector’s edition that will include merchandise from the franchise.

Akihito Tsukushi launched the manga in Takeshobo‘s Web Comic Gamma website in 2012. Takeshobo published the tenth volume of the compiled book in July 2021. Seven Seas published the ninth volume in English in March 2020, and the tenth volume will ship on May 3.

The second season of the television anime will premiere in July.

The first 13-episode television anime series based on the manga premiered in Japan in July 2017. The English-subtitled version of the show aired in the United States on Amazon‘s anime strike service, and HIDE broadcast the series outside of the United States.

The first compilation film of the anime, Made in Abyss: Journey’s Dawn (Made in Abyss: Tabidachi no Yoake), released in Japan in January 2019, followed by the second film, Made in Abyss: Wandering Twilight (Made in Abyss: Hōrō Suru Tasogare), two weeks later. Sentai Filmworks opened the first film in Los Angeles in March 2019, before opening in theaters later that month. Sentai Filmworks opened the second film in Rosemont, Illinois in May 2019, before opening in theaters in the United States that same month.

Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soula sequel to the first season, it premiered in Japan in January 2020. Sentai Filmworks released the film in select theaters in the US and Canada in August 2020. Sentai Filmworks re-screened the film virtually in September 2020, and HIDE will begin streaming the film on June 28.

Sony‘s Photos of Colombia has commissioned a film script for the manga from writer-director Kevin McMullin. Roy Lee‘s dizzying entertainment and Mobius Productions’ Masi Oka (Heroes Hiro Nakamura actor, outside wild cards game) are producing the project, after previously collaborating in 2017 Death Note film (as well as its planned sequel) and the live action The Promised Neverland series in development Amazon.

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