Doctor Who Inspired Gallifrey One 2022 Cosplay

Gallifrey One is back for 2022! Gallifrey One is the largest and longest lasting doctor who convention. doctor who is a science fiction and time travel program that follows the “Doctor” and his companions through time and space. This year cosplayers attended Gallifrey One in their favorite doctor who cosplay

doctor who cosplay

From different Doctor spawns to companions, monsters and more, here are some of the doctor who cosplays inspired by the Gallifrey One convention.

cross cosplay

A “crossover” cosplay is when a cosplayer combines multiple fandoms into a single cosplay. Here are some of the crossovers we found! See if you can find out which fandoms these cosplayers are combining.

Unique doctor who Inspired Costume Ideas

Gallifrey One is an opportunity for fans of doctor who to create unique cosplays that are not taken directly from the screen. Cosplayers can use their imaginations to create a unique version of their favorite character from the audio show or series.

doctor who cosplay meetings

We (Temple of Geek) started hosting an annual punk cosplay gathering inspired by doctor who which took place during Gallifrey One in 2019. This gathering was inspired by an artwork by comic book artist Rachael Stott from the 12th Doctor in punk fashion. This year, cosplayer and Temple of Geek contributor Christina.Is.Crafty hosted the third annual gathering. This meeting has become a favorite among some of the regular attendees. These gatherings gave people the opportunity to add a little flair to their doctor who-Inspired cosplays and fashions. Many times cosplay is a direct representation of what we see on screen in terms of what we cosplay. With fashion, it is up to each individual how they represent their hobby. This type of cosplay is more inspired by the idea of ​​the character.

2022 cosplayers gather and show off their unique designs

You can see photos from our Punk cosplay meeting here.

loki cosplay meeting

Loki variants were also detected this year! Some cosplayers brought out their favorite Loki cosplay variant while others combined their variant with doctor who flare.

TikTok Whovian Meetup

This year, the hosts of “TikTok Galliday” hosted an in-person meetup at Gallifrey One. PerfectTenCosplay and JaytheRose have hosted a virtual doctor who event on the TikTok app since 2020. It was a way for cosplayers and fans of the show to come together as a community to celebrate their love for the characters.

create your own cosplay

Looking for a way to create your own doctor who cosplay inspired? Check out our cosplay breakdown articles as well as our Pinterest.

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