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It feels fitting that our final episode, episode 12, “Let’s Pick Some Together,” is a celebration: I mean, Koharu’s birthday is coming up and it’s up to Hiyori to find a present. Only…she doesn’t know what to get him: that is, until inspiration strikes, lending herself to one of slow loop‘s strongest episodes, which is a perfect way to send off one of the best shows of Winter 2022.

Most of episode 12 is a combination of more fly fishing skills, in this case learning how to tie a fly, as well as remembering. In fact, remembering is what inspires Hiyori’s birthday present to Koharu. Of course, the explanation of how to make flies is very cool: it is the most technical slow loop has ever gotten, and is genuinely attractive. I never thought I’d say it, but I’ve rewatched the segment several times just because it’s so riveting. It’s knowledge I’ll probably never use, but it’s knowledge I’m grateful to have anyway.

All of which brings us to the real star of this week’s episode: Hiyori’s gift to Koharu. Or rather, her gift mistake because initially… Hiyori no Give Koharu a gift during the party. From Koharu’s perspective, Hiyori gave Koi a gift, but not her, which leads her to get a little tsundere, that like…damn, I really love Koharu and her jealousy/desires for her so relatable to her.

Fortunately, just as the ED shows up for the last time (hard cut to me open-mouthed sobbing in front of my computer), Hiyori presents Koharu with a photo album full of empty pages. Koharu scolds her because like… it’s an empty album. But in slow loopThe naturally soft way of this becomes a perfect way to hint at a new adventure – curating images from past seasons together to fill the album not just as sisters, but as friends.

Memories are a big part of slow loopNarratives of: Much of Hiyori’s characterization centers on her memories of her late father, much like Koharu’s characterization. Memories of her are the bread and butter of this show, but in episode 12, instead of going through them, we see Hiyori and Koharu forge a beautiful new memory together. It’s solid proof that these sisters have genuinely become a family as if they were born by blood, and perhaps because they’re not, their forged bond is all the more beautiful.

There’s a lot I haven’t talked about in this ending – there’s a pretty interesting single-fly competition in the middle of the episode that features prizes ranging from a waterproof backpack to an unreasonably cute mermaid plushie that Hiyori gets REALLY excited about. It’s cute, and it’s definitely the vehicle for the resolution of the episode, but really… that photo album had me in a grip! It’s the perfect way to close our time with slow loopand it feels so appropriate for a series about caring and community.

slow loop has been many things: a study in grief, a relaxed series that combines super puppy and relaxed camping And a little Let’s make a cup tooThe character vibes in a genuinely enjoyable series about cute girls who are cute and passionate and, best of all, friends. Just like spring 2021 super puppy, slow loop is a show that will live rent free in my head for the rest of 2022 as a reminder that slow and steady are the best ways to approach life, as is sincerely and wholeheartedly loving what you love. Whether it be music, pottery or, in the case of slow loopfly fishing, there is no shame in being who you are: in fact, there is a wonderful world that awaits us all when we relax and truly immerse ourselves in what we love.


especially for the tsundere Koharu

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