Why is the Hanma family so strong?

The anime and manga series. baki, With an original and Netflix adaptation, it is an icon within the martial arts genre. Baki features a variety of extremely strong characters who frequently engage in duels to test their strength and skill.

Among all the characters, the Hanma family stands out as a breeding ground to house an exceptional number of martial artists. From Yuujiro Hanma to Jack Hanma, the reason for the Hanma family’s strength is shrouded in mystery, with few clues as to the possible truth.


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Who is Yuujiro Hanma?


Baki’s father, Yuujiro Hanma, nicknamed “the strongest creature in history”, is one of the strongest characters in anime. In the world of martial arts, he is revered as a god due to the countless incredible feats he performed. Even the United States, at one point, considered Yuujiro a threat because all their efforts to get rid of Yuujiro were unsuccessful. Due to the countless unfavorable results, the United States decided to send Biscuit Oliva, a powerful man who works for them as an elite prison guard.

However, when Biscuit Oliva meets Yuujiro Hanma, he runs away and says that he wishes to fight Oliva later in the future. Some fans may have misunderstood Yuujiro’s actions out of fear or cowardice, but the anime soon proves them wrong. Later in the series, Yuujiro collides with Oliva and overpowers him, showing that Yuujiro’s earlier statement in the past merely suggested that Oliva was an opponent he wanted to enjoy fighting in the future. After the United States confronted Yuujiro, they decided to call a truce, ending the war. In other words, the United States was defeated by Yuujiro, a one-man army.

In Baki, Yuujiro Hanma’s strength was revealed again when he defeated a prehistoric elephant that laid waste to countless troops of soldiers. After a few hits, the animal surrenders to its inescapable fate. The creature’s defeat added to Yuujiro Hanma’s reputation as the strongest creature in history. However, this achievement pales in comparison to Yuujiro’s defeat of the Grandmaster of Chinese martial arts. The Grandmaster was a martial arts expert with over a century of experience. Despite this, Yuujiro shook him like a rag doll, demonstrating his immense strength as a martial arts practitioner.

Why does Jack want to defeat his father?

jack baki

Yuujiro Hanma is the father of two sons: Baki Hanma and Jack Hanma. Jack Hanma is a Canadian boxer and the product of Yuujiro’s affair with Diane Neil, a United Nations agent whom Yuujiro met in the Vietnam War during his youth. Jack Hanma shares his younger brother’s zeal for defeating his father. However, Jack’s reason for wanting to defeat his father is to avenge his mother, whom Yuujiro assaulted. Jack is portrayed as an unrefined fighter who will duel using underhanded tricks and unconventional methods. This was clearly portrayed in his fight with Pickle, a new character in the manga.

His training program was suicidal if it weren’t for his constant doping. This doping increased his skeletal and muscular structure, making him incredibly strong. Still, he is defeated in the series. After the ultimate tournament, Jack consults Kureha, asking her to lengthen and strengthen his bones. The effects of the surgery were favorable and Jack became incredibly strong. His newfound strength allows him to easily knock out Sikorsky and defeat Mohammed Alai Jr. Jack’s body was strong enough to resist the effects of doping, showing that there is something more to Hanma’s lineage.

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When Yuujiro is asked about the reason why Jack is not as strong as the rest of his family, he arrogantly states that Jack is not pure. This revelation leads to the theory that there is more to the Hanma family lineage. This theory is supported by the fact that the Hanma family has no secret training technique or program; each member trained in their own way. This means that their exceptional abilities may be genetically related.

Baki Hanma is another exceptional member of the Hanma family. Although he does not possess extraordinary strength like his father, his fighting prowess is second to none in the anime. Many fans deduce that Baki is stronger than Yuujiro when he was Baki’s current age, which may be true. Baki is a carefree boy who constantly trains to outdo his father. On several occasions, he revealed this goal to his friends and enemies. Baki’s intelligence during fights is exceptional; even his training schedule is unique. He trains using shadow boxing techniques to conjure up the image of a powerful opponent in front of him. This uncanny ability to assess his opponent’s strength while perfectly reproducing his abilities in his mind is proof enough that Baki is a martial arts genius. However, the anime revealed Baki’s true strength when he defeated Biscuit Oliva, a man even his father reveres as a fighter.

What is the possible secret behind the strength of the Hanma family?


The theory that the strength of the Hanma family is genetically related is reinforced when Yuujiro’s father and Baki’s grandfather, Yuuchiro Hanma, is revealed in the manga. Despite being in his 70s, the old man’s physique surpasses the body structure of most young fighters. Although there is little information about Yuuchiro, he is revered for single-handedly defeating some 2,000 soldiers during World War II using the “Guise” technique. With this ability, the number of opponents Yuuchiro faces doesn’t matter.

Yuuchiro’s presence shows that the Hanma family may be gifted with extraordinary abilities that are passed down from generation to generation. Who knows? It’s also possible that Baki’s ancestors were ridiculously powerful as well, or that the strength of the Hanma family first manifested in Yuuchiro. Either way, the strength of the Hanma family is undeniable. Hopefully, the next season will reveal new aspects of this family’s exceptional abilities.

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