8 Androids In Dragon Ball, Ranked From Most Powerful To Least

androids in Dragon Ball tend to be some very heavy hitters, capable of withstanding, if not resisting, punches from Super Saiyans and beyond. Naturally, since there have been so many, debates continue as to who exactly is the strongest Android. The introduction of Android 21 into the Dragon Ball FighterZ game certainly upped the ante … Read more

Emma Frost & Cyclops Cosplay Shows Amazing X-Men Powers

In a stunning collaborative cosplay creation by @patloika and @judahtalion, Emma Frost and Cyclops’ powers come to life in stunning detail. In the world of x-men, Emma Frost and Cyclops are two of Krakoa’s most powerful and important mutants. In a new cosplay, the recurring and recurring romantic interests are given a stunning look that … Read more

Top 10 most popular anime (based on manga sales)

In the last 10 years, anime has become a giant in the cultural landscape. People all over the world are familiar with the most popular anime and a significant portion of them have one or two favorite shows. But anime has been around for many decades before its migration to the West and the medium … Read more